Hi Folks,
Im running an Asrock 775i65GV Mother board with Dual Core Intel Pentium CPU 2.80Ghz. My power supply is ATX-400TD. I have been running my PC happily with Samsung 512MB DDR PC2700 CL2.5. I need now to upgrade my RAM because i want to run M-Box2, its music recording software. As it turns out i got the exact same RAM as the one mentioned above. So i added the extra slot in and my PC wont boot past the POST, it will work in safe mode.
The MotherBoard seems to be picking up both sticks of RAM and i have tried both slots individuly so i know both slots and both sticks are working.
I have looked up similar threads but none seem to have a conclusive answer, im reluctant to go out and buy a 1GB stick as i doubt that will work if i cant get these to work.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Have you tried entering BIOS? Checking how much RAM is there and save changes & exit.

Have you tried entering BIOS? Checking how much RAM is there and save changes & exit.

Thanks for the reply, i hadnt tried this yet. Have tried now and it is showing in BIOS as dual memory mode DDR333 x 2 512Kb but its still giving the same problem, no booting after the initial Windows Xp loading screen.

how many slots are there? ...two, four? If there are four try a different combination.

Where did you get this RAM from?

Hi, Thanks again for the reply. I got the RAM in the local PC shop, its working fine individually, and i have tried some other ram and thats fine too.
The board has 2 slots, Ram is working in each slot but just not together.

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