Hi all,im having problems getting the pc to start up at all,with xp pro.Cannot even get to the desktop.On the 1st black screen that comes up,as its about to boot i am getting the message;Hardware Monitor found an error,enter Power management for details,and its an error with the following;Chassis fan speed=xxxrpm(err),and the other under Voltage Monitor;-5v voltage=0.0v(err).Next step f1 to continue or del for setup,once i use safe mode or windows that worked previously i then get this message,on a blue screen,windows detected a problem,and has shut down to prevent damage.
Theres more stuff that it says, but hope you get the idea as this is getting a tad to long a post!.The technical info with this page,if it helps is;***STOP:0x000000ED,followed by some more of the same type of numbers in brackets. Hope someone can help as its the mrs pc,an the daughter needs it for college work? :(

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Theres more stuff that it says, but hope you get the idea as this is getting a tad to long a post!.

We'll deal with the long post. :)

Please give us as much specific information as possible, including the full and exact contents of all error messages. The numbers, etc. in the errors may look cryptic to you, but they may actually help us pinpoint the exact problem.

Ok,here goes,from "Has shut down to prevent damage,heres the following message it reads;Make sure my hardware/software is properly installed.If the problem continues disable or remove any newly installed hardware/software.Disable Bios memory options such as caching or shadowing.If you need to use Safe mode to remove or disable components,restart your pc,press f8 to select advanced start up options,and then select safe mode. technical info;***STOP:0x000000ED (0x80E4F8F0) (0x0000032) (0x00000000) (0x00000000). Thats all that comes up on a blue screen,hope it helps? thanks olly.

First thing you need to do is go into BIOS setup and locate the entries for system monitoring. It will be in a 'Health' or 'Overclocking' section ,ost likely, and you'll see information displayed there about temperatures, fan speeds and the like. You need to disable the function whereby the system monitors the chassis fan if you do not have one either installed or powered from the motherboard. If you have such a fan installed, powered from the motherboard, and not working corrctly you need to replace it of course.

Then you need to see if that -5 voltage error is still being displayed. If so it is probably an indication that your power supply unit is malfunctioning, and you'll probably need to replace that!

Those errors are indicating that it is your system itself which is not starting correctly, I believe. Windows is not even getting a chance to BEGIN loading!

I agree with Catweazle regarding the hardware faults- the fan and voltage warnings are coming from the BIOS; Windows hasn't even started to load at that point. You should definitely verify that all fans inside the computer case are operating properly, that the power supply is in working order, and that all cables and cards are firmly and correctly seated.

In terms of the Blue Screen errors from Windows, they point to some sort of damage to your drive, most likely a result of whatever faults are being reported by the BIOS. The 0x000000ED stop error is a general indication of problem with the boot drive; the 0xC0000032 parameter of the error specifically points to corruption of the Windows filesystem on the drive. More info on that from Microsoft can be found here:


Cheers to all,ive managed to reinstall xp,as it would not repair,but lost all files,but thats not a problem as long as its working. I will disable the chassis fan,but can you tell me how do i know if i have one fitted?,is it usually fitted to the side of the casing?,if so there is not one.I can also disable the -5v voltage,or do i leave that as it is?
Only other problem now, is that my isp disc keeps crashing and cannot get it to install,to connect to the net.Keeps saying that i have quit setup and to retry,but then the same message repeats itself after loading so far again!
Thanks again,olly

I will disable the chassis fan...also disable the -5v voltage

You don't want to disable those, you want to check them to make sure there are no problems.

The number of and locations of fans varies depending on the style of computer case. At the very least you probably have a fan (which may be intergral to the power supply) venting out of the back of the case, and you may have another inside the case as well. You'll just have to do a careful visual inspection to locate any fans and make sure they are all spinning freely and haven't accumulated any dust/dirt which could impede their performance.

In terms of the -5V error, I'd think it to perhaps be erroneous, given that you were able to reinstall Windows and use your system (other than the CD issue). Not being able to personally examine your system, I'm not really sure what to tell you about that.

In terms of the disk from your ISP, it may be defective, but you may not even need it. Depending on what type of Internet connection you have (dial up, cable, DSL), you may be able to just configure your network settings manually.

Thanks for the advice,i will inspect the fans inside,i know one i seen was covered in dust,quite thick too,i will just use some cleaner on it.The cpu fan is ontop of the memory is it not?,thats the one covered in dust anyhow.
I did try using manual settings for the isp,but it kept saying wron user/password,so will give the new disc i got a try tommorrow! cheers olly.

"You need to disable the function whereby the system monitors the chassis fan if you do not have one either installed or powered from the motherboard." Quote "Catweazel."
Thats the only reason why i was going to disable it,if there is not one fitted?

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