Hello. I need help.
I have this problem that my computer will automatically shut down and will never turn on again unless I turn it off for like an hour and turn it on again.
It does not shut down like the normal shut down like the computer will prepare itself for the shut down, it will just turn off.
Sometimes, it will happen 10 minutes after I turn my computer on. Sometimes, it will happen right after I turn my computer on like the computer will not boot.
I think, the thing that caused this was playing a game that requires 300 more RAM and 300 more MHz than what my computer has. That was the last thing I did before the problem occured. I tried getting the RAM off and putting it back. I also tried cleaning my computer. What should I do, can anyone help?

Nah - nothing to do with a program that demands resources.

Are the fans running and not blocked? i.e. is the PC overheating, perhaps?

Might there be a metal chad that expands with heat, shorts, and then contracts after cooling?

That sort of thing.

It certainly sounds like a temperature-related problem. Not that he needs my approval, but Suspishio seems to have put his finger on what you should do. I only repeat his advice in different words:
1. Clean out your computer's insides, especially the fan seated on your CPU.
2. Make sure that the fans are running properly (do they make any unusual noise?). If not, replace anything faulty.
3. From another thread with a problem of overheating I learned that there is a contact/heat transfer paste that sometimes dries out, between the fan and the CPU. Replacing that paste should increase the eficiency of heat transfer from the CPU and help it to run cooler.