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i need AVerTV USB2.0 (M026) driver for vista x64.

Could you please provide me with the download link if possible?


Can be DL'ed from here, and following is info related to actually getting it installed in x64 Vista:


When you plug in AverTV USB 2.0 (M026) Tv Tuner, Windows Vista tries to install the necessary drivers. It installs the AverTV USB 2.0 Sound driver automatically and then asks for AverTV USB 2.0 Capture Device driver.

Select browsing your computer for the driver and point to this driver folder. The driver will be installed.

After installing the driver, open the Device Manager, go to the Sound and Game controllers tab and click update driver by right selecting AverTV USB 2.0. Select manuel install and again point to this driver folder. Select the AverTV USB 2.0 driver and let Vista install it.

In the end, both hardware, AverTV USB 2.0 Capture device and AverTV USB 2.0 Sound Capture device can be seen under Imaging Devices tab.

Install also the application provided by Avermedia with the TV Tuner's original Xp driver and restart Windows Vista.

As to any official support from Avermedia on device more that roughly 3yrs old, good luck on that one. Is why I dropped their products after own experience with them when moving to Vista... their up their with Creative on HW/device support!

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