Hi I have a friends Acer travelmate 4000 laptop which has one user who is 14. It had 475 infections which im pretty sure i have cleaned, I also dl anti spyware/malware programs. my problem now is I created another logon account with admin rights and changed the 14 yr olds account to limited rights but upon rebooting the new account is nowhere to be seen, I have gone into safe mode /local security policy and administrator acc is still enabled.
when it starts up there is only the one logon and no options to change anything.
Also in control panel only the one account shows with no admin rights.
System Restore is not working with no restore points and will not move from the current month.
I have run Malwarebytes which fixed a heap of stuff but need help with getting admin user back at logon page, or fixing System Restore so I can undo the user change.

Just to add to this I have gone into Regedit.exe and navigated to user list backed up the key and tried to make a new DWORD value but I get an error saying " cannot create value: error writing to the registry.

Well I managed to resolve the administrator problem by going into Safe Mode again and I was able to delete the account I made and then create another one, this time after rebooting the logon page gave me the option to change user logon name and I logged on with admin rights and was able to change the way users logon.