Windows Server 2008 host with Vista Ultimate workstation. Both 64 bit. Double-clicking shortcut on workstation shows busy wheel spinning about a second before shutting off. A minute or so later a message appears announcing "<Shortcut Name> has stopped working." No other explanations, dialog boxes, etc.

I've seen other threads on this same subject going back a few years. Nobody has offered a fix for this that I can find! Where is Microsoft on this? I've looked in MSDN but can't find anything so far.

Is this the forum that will solve the puzzle?

Frank Fox
Hendersonville, TN

I forgot to mention the application is resident on the server and the shortcut on the server desktop runs fine.

Frank Fox
Hendersonville, TN

How did you add the sortcut. In the shortcut properties the location should include the full path



C:program files\program.exe

Thanks for responding. I have used the full path as you show it.

This has to be something in Vista. I'm being slapped in the face by this OS at almost every turn. I'm sorry I have it. I was hoping somebody from Microsoft had a quick fix.

Frank Fox
Hendersonville, TN

Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing the program?

I had a problem similar to this and it only worked when I uninstalled and reinstalled the program. You could also look into upgrading the program.

Good luck!

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Please check the eventviewer on the server and the client...
There might be some useful information for you....
Its possible a configuration/permission problem.