If you can fix this, you are a genius. This may be a long post.

In a nut shell, I was playing on call of duty this morning when all of a sudden my net dropped. Futile attempt after next of shutting down router and computer from the mains. I used my laptop (where the internet does work wirelessly) to find a solution. I have tried many command prompt commands but to no avail, such as.

ipconfig /renew
no operation can be performed on while it has its media disconnected.

ipconfig /release
1An error occursed while renewing interface local area connection : unable to contact your DHCP server. Request has time out

I even did ipconfig /all on this laptop and copied over all the internet default gatewaks, mask ips etc to try and connect like this, but this didn't work either.

If any of you can help, I would love it.

Operating system = XP 32bit.

Does the Laptop and PC (I presume) use the same server?

Does the Laptop and PC (I presume) use the same server?

Yes they both come from the same internet box. Laptop is wireless, desktop is ethernet (as it doesn't have a wireless card)

Does the laptop work wired?

Yes, it does =s

These questions may seem obvious-
1. Does the led light up on the PC when the cable is connected?
2. Have you checked Hardware Manager for conflicts?
3.Have tried manually configuring the network.?

1) Yes the LED light shows

2) The NVIDEA internet card (one which has worked for 2 years) has no incompatabilities or errors

3) I tried setting it to only connect to the IP address, defaulkt mask etc which I copied from this laptops ipconfig /all but that didnt work.

Maybe I have a virus? 3 Systen restore points from 3 different months keep failing.

That is a possibility.

You can check for & remove malware with Anti-MalwareBytes (see the Virus/Spyware forum for details).

If the network card is working OK (light is on and no problem in Device Manager), then did you try re-installing the driver in Device Manager?

Followed by Repair Connection for the device when you've updated the driver.
Additional thought:

Your thread is called "£Limited or No Connectivity". What is the "Limited" situation? Does your PC see the router and other local devices? Or is it NO connectivity?

i believe it to be a virus. Several attempts of spybot s&d have led to blue screens.

Oh and the limited but no connectivty is the status of the internet connection.

Then go to the Virus/Spyware forum and follow the reporting & cleaning process there. Or simply try the Anti-MalwareBytes cleanser I mentioned earlier.