On wed Sept 11th i reloaded XP due to sasser virus,at some time during my reinstalling of such things as , Yahoo Messenger,Adobe photo deluxe,winmx etc, i began to recieve these warnings, purporting to be from Windows

as follows :
message to infecte on 8/12/2004 80:07:14pm

*Warning! Your computeris infecyed with seriousSoftware that normal Virus packages cannot remove.They monitor your internet traffic and is a serious violation of your privacy.It is recommended that you oinstall the latest software to remove these by going to:*


also this pop up too

*Windows has detected a MP3 VIRUS! This will damage your hard drive.Please vist the website below to remove:*


OK to me theyre obviously trying to get me to purchase their services.

My question is.. How do i get rid of them? and if i do how do i stop it happening again?

Yeah, the Messenger service (which has nothing to do with messaging programs like msn, aim, and the like) has a security flaw which allows outsiders to send you unwanted pop-up ads. Download and run "Shoot the Messenger from here: