I have a small business server 2003 machine that I am trying to replace a raid 1 drive. I unplugged the drive I wanted to replace and put another empty drive in it's place. When I had done this previously with a new drive it just added it back into the array. This time I was using a blank drive that was not new and had been previously used in another computer. It had been previously re-formatted in an xp machine and was empty. I had also de-allocated the space before removing from the xp machine. Placing it into the position of the removed drive did not start the copy process as it did on the new drive. What will it take to add this drive to the array (using the intel onboard software with the machine.)

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Look in the event log for raid related error messages.
It should be telling you somewhere why it isn't using it.

just wanted to let you know that i also have a small business RAID system, and fter a few difficulties, concetning data recovery and unability to conect all my drives, i contacted RRO, and they helped me online, and offered a free diagnose also. If helps you :)

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