(Originally posted in XP forum, advised to try this forums) I have a ACER laptop and it has vista on it and from day one (2 years ago) it has been giving me problems. The most recent is that all of a sudden I can not access my documents. I have Microsoft office 2007 and its there I can see it but my computer cant seem to locate it. It says its not there!!!! i dont know much about computers but I do know that programs cant just disappear...and so i looked in my compter for c: drive....and its not there! Like where did it go! None of my documents open and now the laptop wont even read any disc that I put in. Ok so i tried to re-install my micro. Office (even though I never uninstalled it) and the disc was running I could hear it but nothing was happening. How can I at least get my word documents to open.... someone anyone please help!

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have you tried to search for all your documents..like go to start=>search at the search window choose all files and folders then in:
all or part of the file name: type *.doc
a word or phrase in the file: leave it blank
look in: choose c drive.. then press search
it should look for all you documents with .doc extension.. if it's not there then it might be deleted..LOL...

if your comfortable with the DOS prompt..go to start->run->type cmd then enter...at the command prompt window type cd\ to go to the root directory then type dir /s /a /w *.doc it will search also for all your files with .doc extension and also those .doc files with hidden attributes....

Good luck!

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