Starting up IE sometimes does not work for me. I just double-click on it to open it, then it doesn't do anything else.

What should I check out? I think I'm secure already (as in, no viruses, adware/spyware, HijackThis looks fine, etc.) so don't think that that is the problem.


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I used to have this happen a while back when I had my IE home page set to the default Microsoft page. For some reason, that page just took forever to come up and it appeared that nothing was happening. It´s a long shot but you might check out the page you have set as your home page. Maybe the server is down sometimes, just a suggestion...

I hope this article helps you

And if IE does it again ... be sure to end task iexplore.exe from task manager ... and then try starting it again.

That's what I normally end up doing.

Even after exiting from taskmanager, the next time i open; its the same case.For a while the system hangs n then the process glass stays like that......what to do?

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