Hi there,
There is this computer that is giving me a headache.It says there is a TCP/IP Error Occurred While Trying to Connect to Server ...account... error No 0x800ccc15 .I have checked account settings in the server and the computer and are ok.If I set this account settings in another computer Iam able to receive and send mails.Its win 98 se machine with IE6 and I use outlook express as the mail program.B4 it started this behavior some startup files had were corrupted and I had to run win 98se setup again .I hope someone could have an idea to resolve this.

There are more than a few reasons why you might get that error, including a corrupt email (or email account), interference from your anti-virus or firewall software, or damaged TCP/IP software.

- Try testing send and receive separately if you haven't already. Can you do one but not the other, or do both functions not work?

- Create a new email account in OE on the problematic machine using the same server, etc. settings as the original (non-working) account. Can you send and/or receive from that new account?

- Temporarilly disable (entirely) your Anti-virus software.

- If you have firewall software installed (Zone Alarm, McAfee Personal firewall, Norton Internet Security, etc.) disable that. Just turning off or closing most firewall programs does not usually disable them completely. You need to go into the programs Preferences, uncheck any/all "Start automatically when Windows starts" options, and then reboot.

- Your TCP/IP stack may be corrupt. If so, you will need to uninstall and reinstall TCP/IP.

There are a couple of other possibilities, but the above are the most common.

both send and receive doesn,t work.I did create a new mail settings and all have the same problem but on another machine they work fine.I will do disable anti virus and see how it will behave.I hope to unistall tcpip is through network properties,select tcpip and remove right?

Yes, removing and reinstalling TCP/IP would be the next step. A good step-by-step description of the procedure can be found here:


If you're using a dial-up connection, the dial-up networking components have to be reinstalled as well. There's a more detailed/thorough procedure for reinstalling both TCP/IP and the dial-up components at Micorsoft's support site:


Keep in mind that since the problem seemed to appear after you experienced some file corruption and had to reinstall, even the above fixes might not do the trick. You could have other missing/corrupted files that the reinstall didn't correct.