ok, i've had it with this cloak and dagger stuff
i have a hp pavilion xt928 with win xp on it
i even wasted more money ordering the recovery disks
i would like to go back to old win98se os and still be able to use the hardware on this machine--
cd/writer, modem, sound-- the cd is a mitsumi cr-48x5te
is it possible to downgrade from xp to 98se and still use the hardware on this machine--
iv'e got 98 working but having probs with hardware/software

It's possible to install most any x86 OS on any x86 system. The hard part is finding drivers for the devices in your system. From looking at HP's support website, they don't officially offer drivers for that system that support Windows 98. Your best bet would be to do some research with Google, and see if you can't download drivers from some 3rd-party that will work in 98.

By the way, what's so "cloak and dagger" about the whole situation? :confused:

don't ever think about that haha.. at least i wouldn't XD

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