hey i am new to dis ok....well my problem is dat i have just installed Win XP on a 20 gb harddrive, intel desktop board, 256mb ram, intel P4, floppy drive, dvd drive, cd drive, lan card, modem, and Nvidia TNT card 32mb. When ever i start up my computer instead of the windows boot screen it comes up wit an stop error message...the message is STOP: (0x0000007b c0xf9e64640,0xc0000034,0x00000000,0x00000000)...now i have tried running check disk on it but still wont boot up properly..??!!.. i need help as quick as possible.. i have already searched the net for the error but only found 1 result ...which was in german...so i need help ASAP...in 2 days..if you guys can like msg me by MSN MESSENGER or email my addy is azn_mobsta21 me know what to do.. :)

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hey guys ok nxt time ill post ere thx for ur help in dis problem..al i can do now is reinstall Win XP on the HD then hopefully the boot up will work properly...ill let you guys know if it works out or not k....thanks to both of you.. :D

hey guys...i tryd installin win xp but it wont boot the disc...the motherboard is the intel desktop board D845wn...evry time it boots up it doesn show to press the F5 or F2 button for setup..it only shows the intel logo screen and thats it...there isnt any other way to get to the setup..so now i cant boot from the disc...after the logo screen it tries to load the system but fails and that STOP error comes up...