my system is a pentium4.1400.with winxp home a 40gig hd with 37.3 on the main partition and 7 mb on the rest.i just got powerquest driveimage 7.0 and after formating the cd-rw i try to burn the image of my hd to the cd-rw but i get a popup saying that the media is not ready make shure the media is in the drive and is formated and writable.eny help would be appreciated...

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This is so scarey, I wished I had seen your thread three days ago. I have the same dang problem! And I bought it with the understanding that I could copy it to my cd-rw's. Did you get any anwers anywhere else? I can backup on a cdr


Use a CDR!

Drive imaging software doesn't work very well with CD-RW media, from the reports I've seen.

And before you make a drive image in any case, it would be a sensible move to turn off background running programs such as AntiVirus, 'Disk-on-Demand' and other such stuff that scans as you work. It just makes more sense not to have them running.

It's not hard to turn them back on after you restore the drive image, is it?

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