Is there a simple game program in which you have X * Y matrix (the actual game is played on that simple table field) in a standard windows GUI (fullscreen option is not needed), so the fields in that table-like grid of game are filled with small static icon-like square pictures (only 'projectiles' (what ever they might be in the custom game) could be seen moving freely across the fields); but the thing is - you can EASILY make your own game characters and environment graphics (maze-like usually) --- is there such game program?

My emphasis here is on total simplicity - a game program which is so simple it reminds you on winmines. Ideal would be if such game could be played like this: there's a time limit for you and opponent(s) to arrange your game characters, and then when time runs out or everyone pushes 'Execute turn!' button the moves are simultaneously executed.


On the other hand - I am also interested in a game program with a top-down perspective and rich (photo-realistic) 2D graphics - exactly like that Crimsonland game, but in which you can make your own game characters.

(e.g. imagine a game of tanks (sort of - variation on that old cannon game (where you take wind, obstacles and distance into consideration)) - only top-down (fixed perspective) so in it you use mouse wheel to manually aim the turret (turn the turret (and that cool sound is heard with your every turn) and change tank gun-barrel elevation) - you program the middle button to act as modifier between the two function modes - that would be cool (inform me if someone already made such game))

hi pretty sure you would get better answers from a gaming forum than a windows help forum