I need help quickly please! I have a virus that tries to shut my computer down when I'm trying to open anything and it disable my internet protection and my Norton anti-virus protection! Please I need help immediately! :cry:

Try booting in safe mode and open norton and see if you can find a name for the virus

Are you running Windows XP? or 2000? Does it say something about an RPC error?

Wheny our computer boots up, goto start -> run, and type "shutdown -a" (without the quotes). That should cancel the shutdown sequence, but won't perm fix your problem. Run a virus scan or something else ;-).

I had a virus like that, it was corrupting my hard drive at a rapid rate, and the only thing I could get to stop it was Ewido.

You can download a trial version of Ewido here: http://www.ewido.net/en/

Be sure you update it before using it, and when it finds a problem, be sure to select the check box to do the same action (clean) when it finds a problem, otherwise, you will have to click continue, to keep scanning with every problem it finds.

Shut down your computer. Place you Norton AV disk in your CD-ROM drive (just before shutdown or immediately at power up). Your computer should boot from the Norton disk and you'll be able to identify and fix the virus (in most cases).

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