I really need help I have Msn Meesenger 6.0 but when I try to start converstion with friend I get message saying NO try again.
So I went and Uninstall it and then reinstall but when I did it came up saying at I have MSN EXPLORER and that msn messenger could conflict.
Does ANYONE have the same problem And if so could YOU HELP

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What is the exact error message? A popup window just saying NO? Windows comes with Windows Messenger while MSN comes with MSN Messenger. They're essentially the same thing except that MSN Messenger integrates a bit better with MSN Explorer.

To permanently disable Windows Messenger from your computer, and solely use MSN Messenger, you can use one of those programs in the Administration Tools in the control panel. Unfortunately I don't remember which one it is right now or where ... and I'm sorta busy :( Do a search for it, I'm sure it will turn up.

Thanks for you help
When I click on send instant message Its come up with
You are unable to start converstion friend,please retry..

Gee I've never heard of that error before. It might be simply connection problems. Are you behind a firewall/proxy? If so, set the configuration in the preferences.

Sorry to be a pain
but what sort of stuff do I look 4

Come on someone most know what to do with msn explorer

uninstall it !:)

BUT If I uninstall will it harm anything like me useing the internet or msn messenger.

no i don't think so ,not if its the free one ,or are you paying for it .!!!

No I am not paying for msn internet explorer.
But whe I go2 add and remove programs
There is a file saying!
Microsoft internet explorer 6SP1 and internet tools
do I remove this program?

no,not unless you want to remove IE6 from your computer and that is not recomended .(or possiable really)because it is so deeply embeded in to Windows .
They are two different programs ,MSN Explorer and Microsoft Internet Explorer .You can uninstall MSN Explorer,not Internet Explorer SP1

id suggest upgrading to MSN MESSENGER 6.1 and do you have a firewall? it may be disallowing you to send via msn's ports

Another option is to download trillian. This runs all IM programmes without the need for seperate items using up valuable hard drive space.

I use it and run 3 MSN accounts, 1 AIM, 1 YIM and 1 ICQ through it and they log in simulatineously and so I don't have the hassle of remembering passwords and logging into each program seperatly and being restricted to just one MSN address online at once.

You can download trillian here

trillain is loved by some and hated by some, its a 50/50

trillain also doesnt support all the features that all the sepearte programs do, id rather use miranda over trillain ;)

how do I find the file msn explorer on my PC so I can unistall.
Sorry to be a pain but me not use to computers

What version of windows are you running?

Just windows 98/ IE6
My pc is not that good need to upgrade at the MO

Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add Remove programs

Go to start>settings> control panel>add and remove programs> remove msn explorer and msn messenger..
Then open a web browser and go to mozilla and download firefox (It is a supergood web browser) You will need this web browser to get out and re-install internet explorer,because internet explorer is going to be removed at the add and remove panel.Once you have removed msn messenger,msn explorer ,then download firefox.
Once you have downloaded firefox you have to double left click on the new firefox screen icon(it should be on the screen) Like i said,double click on the firefox icon and follow the prompts.Once firefox is installed try it out to make sure it works.Once you have made sure that it works,go to add and remove programs and go to the windows add and remove part.That`s when you remove internet explorer.After you have removed internet explorer go to windows update.Windows update will say they can't talk to you until you download internet explorer.Look for the internet explorer download button and re-download internet explorer.This should work for you.I've been using linux for a while and this all from memory.a really good linux distro to try is simplymepis.I can send you a mepis disc if you want.runs a lot like windows,without the windows virus bs.Mailing of the disc is about five bucks and I'll give you the disc for free.Try the add and remove stuff first.Make sure you have firefox setup before you dump internet explorer or you won`t be getting out on the internet...k :D :D

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