Can you map a drive between a WinXP VMware host and Win98 guest? If
so - how?? I have VMware Workstation 4 installed on a WinXP Dell PC
host. I have Win98SE installed as a VM guest on this PC. Can I map a
drive between the 2 OS'es and how?

Thanks in advance! :-):?

I have the linux version of VMWare 4 which lets me have a linux host and windows virtual machine. In that version, I can use the virtual machine configuration editor (when the vm is powered down) to map a drive. I have never tried the windows version of vmware.

You can map a drive to a share on the host O/S as long as you have a directory shared on the host. You'd map a drive the same way as you normally would in any O/S.

(I just verified this using a Win98SE client using VM4 on a host running Win2kPro)

Thanks for the info - but could you please provide more details, perhaps in the form of some sample steps/directions? I've tried mapping and can't. I very sure I'm doing or have set up something wrong.

Thanks again - :oops:

I got this to work by the following:

1- Add hard drive
2- Use physical disk
3- use individual partitions (on physicaldrive0 since that is all I had)
4- check partition you want
5- give it a filename for the config (new name)

Finish. then when you boot, you should see a new drive letter..

There are a couple warning windows, I just said ok and it is working fine...

Hope that helps (even though this is 4 years after you asked for it).