last week i buy new toshiba laptop and yesterday i donloaded some games and image convertor and messenger ,,powerpoint,antivirus site and all suddently yesterday evening i open the system but its not opening in normal setting when i open in safemode then it is open and i opened in safe mode and scanned my computer showing 102 files detected so now what can i do again start in normal settings?or any other problem?

it is quite likely that the machine has got the recovery / restore mode switched on.
In safe mode go through to tyhe control panel and look for admin tools or just do a seartch for 'restore' and then you should be able to put the machine backl to the last time it wirked.

if not on using safe mode boot there is an option to go to the last good working version, try that

it sounds like you were surfing the net without a anti virus program running, as you said you downloaded one after downloading a lot of other stuff. You probably have a lot more viruses hiding in there.
You need to check deeper for viruses and malware. Go to:-
Download and run to remove any viruses you may have. (Sometimes a virus will stop you accessing an anti-virus site, so try going through safe mode (Tap F8 on boot up) and see if you can access it there.)
Then go to :-
Download, then run a “quick check” your PC for any problems, if still there do a “full scan.”
Never go on-line without your virus protection and your firewall running.