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i get a virus on my computer when i try to install a new antivirus he just shut down

how do you tell if a computer is aHe!
hi check the virus /spyware and othere nasties section of this fourm fo help with viruses click link below ,read top sticky notes first good luck .


where are the links for some good spyware and what is its use... ?

James Partagas Cigar

in my post #2 ,link to virus forum ,and in the readme stickeys you will find all kinds of links for all kinds of programs


some time it happened. some virus are distrub to install antivirus. one suggestion: 1st you format your windows drive. and then install new windows. when it finished. then at 1st istall the antivirus. no other work you can not do before after finish windows setup. then scan with your anti virus.


abu taher,
You are jumping on sites and giving useless information. Go to the site that caperjack directed the poster to (http://www.daniweb.com/forums/forum64.html)
read it.
You will see that your comment is premature and unnecessary. There are many things the poster can do before he need to even think about a clean install.
caperjack has given the poster the best information available and your comments are superfluous.

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