I am attemting to load Microsoft Ofice to on second computer, first
one stolen. It will not load. Error message MAP132.DLL is corrupt
or wrong version. This could be caused by installing other
messaging software.

Help Please!!!!!

The first part of the error message is telling you that a file on your Cd in corrupt/damaged (and there could be many more) you can try to make a new Cd by coping the Cd to a file and downloading the damaged file and replacing it then trying to install of that file. if you get more problem files, download etc... The second part of the message " This could be caused by installing other messaging software." I have no idea what that could mean or what another messaging software has to do with Microsoft Office.
Another potability is that you have a virus. Just because you have a good virus detector and you scan your PC every day does not mean that your PC is clean. Even if your PC is clean, it can not hurt to check and rule out that problem. A very good site here is located at:-


If you have tried everything there and you are still having problems, then maybe a Windows repair is required. If you want to repair your installation with your Operating System disk, go to:-


You can follow the instructions there with photos or go to my instructions at:-

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I have installed in my Laptop Windows XP, I have lost my installation CD, but I have my system Windows Home Edition Product Keys. Please is there any link that will help me resolve this, since I keep having this pop-up " that my windows is not a genuine software. Please help !

Hi kenobis,
You have jumped on someone's thread with a new problem, you should start a new thread if what I tell you now won't help.

As you have lost your installation disk you might have to go and buy a new one but.... I am not sure how to get there but when the message pops up ""you may be a victim ..... not genuine" there is a place to click here to resolve this, click it and follow the instructions and hopefully you can resolve your problem there. If not, contact Microsoft by phone (search internet for numbers) for activation and they will assist you to resolve this.
If you want to post anything further here, please start a new thread of your own and someone will try to help you OK.

Good luck