Ok well every 45 min or so i get an error when ever i try to open up something and it says
"Insufficient system resources exists to complate the requested servise"

I click ok then i try to go on the internet it doesnt work.i try to get on msn it doest work.i can open up folders but can to anything els. what ever i try to do i get the same error

i get a DELL
windows xp


Go to Start - Run Type msconfig click the startup tab.uncheck anything you don't need running in the back ground like quick time,word,msn etc.

Anything you aren't sure of go here to check it.


Also you don't specify how much ram but do this.go to Start - control panel then system if you don't see it,look on the left side click classic view.once in system click on Advance then settings next to performance then then advance again.now here what you do is where it says virtual memory let's say you have 1 gig of ram (memory) there is 1024 kilobytes in a gig.multipy 1024 by 2 which is 2048 put that in the minumum now multiply 2048 by 2 that is 4096 put that in maximum.now click set it may ask you to reboot if not do so anyway.

You might also want to try doing spyware and virus scans, as I had this problem and it turned out to be a virus and trojan horse.