I am on a network with a Web Proxy server, my Windows 2000 PC with IE6 and latest patches cannot reach a web site on our local network. I have set all the proxy and bypass proxy settings, tried specifying the site address (as machine name/site etc) and tyrned off all proxy settings. Nothing has worked!

This is a problem that suddenly appeared after working fine. so I loaded Pest Patrol and cleaned all pests and Virus checked and still no joy.

Does anyone here have any suggestions?


Try this. Disable the proxy and see if you can still access the internet, if you can, then it's a error with the proxy. Post back the answer and I will help you solve this problem.

There are 16 computers on the network, all use the same Proxy and Proxy settings. The PC in question is the only one to exibit this problem.

This is why I have considered it a local PC issue and not a Proxy problem.

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