I have win xp, sp1, and a lexmark z65 printer. I have installed all the drivers for the printer.

here is the problem that I have

I have reformated and reinstalled win xp in the last month or so, before I did my reinstall, I could go to print pictures, choose 4-5 or how ever many I wanted, and I would get a print wizard to come up asking how many pictures I wanted to print per page, and what size I wanted them, it would ask if I wanted them at 4x6, or 3x5, or 5x7, or what ever, I am sure you get the idea.

now when I go to print after my win xp reinstall, I do not get any of those options, it just goes strait to printing, and prints a full page.

I would like to be able to print more than one picture per page, any one have any idea what program in win xp it was that I was useing, or how I can get my computer to do this again?


I have an Epson with the same feature. It was an Epson utility. It is possible that when you first installed the Lexmark printer this was also included. This type of function is normally part of the printer driver - you could try the Lexmark website for the latest version of your printer driver.

heh... after fiddling with it some more I found out how to use it... I open the picture with windows viewer for pic's and then chose print from there, and it gave me that print wizard... but that also was after updating the drivers :)

thanks for the help