:( I have seen a variety of questions about exactly this and a variety of answers which, thus far don't seem approriate (ie settings are already that way). I run Microsoft IE6 and this phenomenon has just started. (My local computer shop have re-loaded xp and all the bells and whistles after an error message that said IE has had to close down sorry on several occasions like all the time - (but that is hopefully just history). I think it was ok for a while but now my colours in (only in, web browser) seem to be running into each other if I hit the "view original image" button, it re-loads sharp as a knife, is there something in the setting or anything at all anywhere that somebody knows about that should sort this out please? Thankyou in anticipation.

Your problem sounds kind of strange, but here's something you should try. Open the control panel wizard in windows and open add remove programs icon scroll down and look for internet Explorer if you see it click add remove and it should pop up a window showing repair explorer click repair and see if that works. If that does not work try downloading another browser, like Firefox or Avant.

At the top of page one in this forum, catweazle has a thread titled "Why put up with the pain. Change browsers!" Changing browsers won't rectify your problem, but it could be a good alternative. To understand the advantages, please read his thread. I recently switched to Firefox and like it a great deal, it's a little slower to start, but is faster than IE once it gets going. For more information about Firefox, check out the link below.


I believe I have the answer
I use onspeed and in their FAQs there is a message that suggests "right click and show original images" it seems to be because of them.

Anne W

In this case the same problem seems to occur even with new browser but onspeed solution worked.

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