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I brought a new Philips 20" LCD Monitor. When I plugged in the monitor, the screen resolution was 1024X768. After I installed the nvidia card 7100GS driver, the resolution became 640X480. I am not able to increase it to any higher resolution. Every thing in the computer appears really big! Is there any way I can make this proper?

It sounds like there is a problem with the driver, try uninstalling it and then reinstalling. If that will not work uninstall it again and reboot windows and let it reinstall the driver. If you still have problems, download the drivers from the net and then reinstall.
Is there any yellow or red marks with the listing of your monitor in "device manager" ?
What were you running before?
Have you tried to use the old monitor with the new card?

Hi again,
Also try to run the monitor off the main board with no card, you will have to remove the card for the on-board card to work.

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