Hi guys out there,
Today when i came home, i found out the pc is not starting. the power goes on, all fans work, cd drive works, but monitor keeps blinking and no display, I've changed monitor, but no help
my machine is an acer 2.4 gh inter core 2, 3gb ram.
i have to add that i have not touched the pc at all, some times back, computer used to power itself off and show me a blue screen before it restared,
I also had had some blank screen events like i have now before, but they were fixed when i removed and pluged the monitor cable from and to pc.
but this time it seems serious.
Any Idea?

could be something going bad finally went ! something like a video card/adapter

something like a video card/adapter

That be, what I be lookin' at.

Does the pc beep when you switch it on? Are you using the onboard graphics or graphics card? You might also check the memory.
If you are using onboard graphics, take out the memory start the PC, if PC beeps, your memory is probably faulty.
If you are using a graphics card remove it and try starting the PC. If it starts your card is faulty. If nothing happens, remove the memory and start the PC. if it beeps you memory is faulty.
If nothing happens when the memory is out , the motherboard is faulty.

Well, sorry to disappoint you but acer is not the best choice.
My girlfriend bought a laptop from bestbuy(USA) that blanked(the screen suddenly turned black) every once in a while. She has to restart the whole computer every time. It has past 2 years since she bought it and has problem with it till this very day. Oh, and it's not just 1 laptop... all of the laptops that were of the same model had this problem. And the most annoying thing was that bestbuy wasn't admitting that a big number of costumers had such a problem.

My sister bought a PC recently (in London). And guess what: acer strikes two. It started to go blank once in a while and even on start: the Base Unit did not initialize the screen. It does start, it does work.. all running, just like you said. But there is no image on the screen. She is now waiting for acer(yeah, at least they admitted) to give her some kind of a reference number, so that the store can give her an other acer(i guess) base unit.

I don't know my sister's computer specs, not sure if it's the same model but one thing for me here is obvious: don't trust acer! They make faulty hardware. The laptop had a problem with the motherboard, that i know for sure.

Well, sorry to disappoint you but acer is not the best choice.

couldn't agree more ,local shop[the Source dealer ] in my town sell acer and i always told the guys working there that they suck big time [they were constantly sending them back ,dead out of the box],especially the low end one they sold ,guess what Acer bought EMachine ,now they sell cheapest EMachine models instead of cheap acers ,!