...and also me !

I also have exactly the same initial problem. Has anyone managed to work through this problem and come to a conclusion yet.

I have not upgraded or anything, my PC has just decided to do this. Booting
from the XP setup floppy disks, gives me the biosinfo.inf & error 4096 as mentioned before.

Like the others, I really want to avoid re-formating the c drive.

Kind regards


hi iv been reading this post, whats the workaround for loading xp if you have upgraded your machine, someone mentiond it in this forum earlier on ? i think it was tatooie

u can do a fullinstall of xp with the xp upgrade disk all you need is to have the win98 cd to put in when asked for proof of ownership .


here is the answer to all our questions

If you put in new hardware, Windows XP needs to be fully reinstalled. There is no other way because the HAL (hardware abstract layer) which Windows XP uses is no longer compatible with the current hardware. New HAL = new installation....

so i did just that, but the only problem is my cdrw isn't reading disks but it can write, :-(

This thread died over a week ago, don't know if anyone is still having this problem. I encountered the problem while trying to format XP. The solution (for me anyway) was simple as using the XP Pro bootup disk, rather then the bootup disk with service pack 1 on it. Hope this helps.

Hi..my first time..pardon my mistakes. I am not a techie..my daughter has a Dell withXP Pro...suddenly when booting it goes as far as asking you to click on your logon icon ..then it states "opening your settings" and then it almost immediately logs off! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Hyatt76- welcome to TechTalk :)

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Thanks for understanding.

Okay, I've been reading the posts and have my own story regarding this.
Fry's sells GQ computers which ocassionally go on sale for $179, except they run Linspire or Lindows OS. If all you want is a simple emailing/web surfing machine, this is a great buy. I've purchased two of these machines and have installed WinXP Pro on the first one which worked like a champ. Couldn't be more happier with it's perfoemance. It can even handle Photoshop.

I decided to get my second GQ machine and duplicate the process, however, for whatever reason, I, too, am having this \biosinfo.inf problem. The owners manual indicates that you can "write" over the Linspire OS with Windows, but I just can't seem to get past my first floppy install disk. I'm basically just trying to eradicate Linspire and install WinXP on a brand spanking new hard drive. I even took out the original hard drive and put in a NEW hard drive. Herein lies the dilemma. For reasons too detailed for me to get into, I believe I reformatted the ORIGINAL HD and WAS able to put XP on it. I then took that HD out and placed it in my OTHER GQ computer and the machine would NOT work. So, I nuked it (just wrote over it) and did a clean install of XP AGAIN, and this time it worked. However, the brand new hard drive that I put in the second machine will NOT cooperate.

So, we are STILL trying to resolve this issue.

Hi fishauk,

First of all- welcome to TechTalk!


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Are you by chance ugrading from xp home, on a newer computer by chance? I had a similiar issue, and found a way around this. post back if you are


Well i am having that problem i build myself a new computer but i'm sure everythingis connect properly. soo on newer computer i get to choose

1. safe mode
2. Safe mode with command pompt
3. safe mode with Networking
4. last good configration
5. run windows normmally

if i choose anyone of them it just starts no loading windows or anything but of course if i choose safe mode all these things loads and restarts without errors.

what is wrong can u plzz tell me!

thank You

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