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I hope my query is a simple one to answer. I use Windows PCs, one runs Windows 7 and one runs Windows Vista. Like everyone with a computer the thought of losing any of my data is a horrible one. I am always doing my best to backup data onto my external hard drive and make sure I have a thorough backup of everything. However I find it confusing to make sure I have everything backed up and which versions I can then delete etc. Can anyone offer me some advice on best practices to follow when backing up my data. Also can anyone recommend to me a program that I should use to make the backup process as easy and efficient as possible? I appreciate all who take the time to read this and offer advice.

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Well, you're in luck with Windows 7, it has a pretty comprehensive back-up tool built-in and you can run it on a schedule. Vista also has one, but options are limited. If you're PC's are networked, you can use 7's for both.

Give this a read;

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Thanks a lot for this, I will check it out. cheers :)

I have found W7s default program to be very space hungry, even with the space saving option running. (Keep the latest system image and minimise space used for backup)

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