Are there any Fax Modem yet that runs on win 7 O/S 64 bits. It seems to be none out there. Will appreciated any clues on it.

Thanks Adamsappleone, The problem is that I purchase a new HP p6240f Desk Top, I forgot to include a Fax Modem which I use often. In the other hands, I don't thrust Free fax for my personal documents. The only secure thing so far in this world is by modem. I also know there's some PCI-e card on the market already that will work fine with Win 7. Thanks again for your assistance.

I have the same computer and have the same issue you have. Did you resolve the problem??? Please contact me at with any info as I need the fax modem too.......thanks for taking the time to reply.

So far, the only one that claims something, it's us-robotics, but you have to download software from their site. As soon I find something, I will posted here for the benefit of everyone.

i have cdma and gsm usb modem, how can i use it for make a fax? somebody has a free software for it? i use a win 7 home premium