i have come across a problem every time i turn my computer on it goes to the windows screen with the rolling bar and the rolling bar starts to break up and become distorted then once windows loads the screen is unreadable as if it is in a very low resolution i have updated the driver on my graphics card but still seem to be having the same problem i have tried to start in safe mode but am unable to see the screen as the resolution has set itself to very low can anyone help
this is very hard to explain without actually seeing it for yourselves

It sounds like your video card is playing up. Remove the card, plug your monitor directly into your motherboard and see if you have the same problem (Video may be slow), if it is working and you can, change the video card slot, or if you can try it in another friends PC just to ensure that it is the card.

do as Bob suggested, check also your device manager..for any errors in your driver..if you got an extra video cable..the cable that connects from your pc to monitor try to replace it check if it will help :)