Hi all,

I am currently having a small problem with my Windows XP computer: when I am for example playing Call of Duty 4 or Age of Mythology, the computer minimalizes the window by itself every half hour (or something like that). It doesn't happen with browsers or other applications.

I searched the problem up with Google, and found that a possible cause could be that another process requires attention and minimalizes all other windows. But I couldn't find the process responsible for that. I looked all the processes up at www.processlibrary.com but couldn't find out which one was responsible.

Strangly, when i looked up "smss.exe", processlibrary returned 7 different results: one that it is from Microsof Windows Operating System and the other 6 that it is a trojan (see the results here). The same thing with ctfmon.exe (see the results here).

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?


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What is in your event log about it


You have asked a site that sells a program to remove viruses.... it told you it was legit once and a virus 5 times...Then you had better believe it and pay out the money to buy the program....NOT...Or read more about it on other listings on Google. Sites that do not rely on you finding a virus and buying their product.

I checked my logbooks, but nothing appears at the date and time (in my example 23 november 16:40) of when it minimalized itself. Do you have any other suggestion?


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