HI guys, my comp has a dvd player but it doesnt play the star wars dvd trilogy! Im using interactual dvd player but all it shows is the fbi warning thing but no movie! Please help! I really need to be able to play it! Thanks!

bump please help!

come on guys, i really need help fast!

Have you checked that the DVD works in a normal DVD player? As I understand it, not all DVDs work in all DVD-ROM drives. Maybe you've simply found an incompatible one.

how would it not work? Cause i tried it on my ps2 too. Is there a specific codec i need to d/l? Thanks for helping.

This is for XP, so if you haven't got XP you'll have to work it out with your OS.

To make sure that your drive is set to the right regional setting for the DVD. Right Click my computer, select properties, under Hardware Tab select device manager. Expand DVD\CD drives and right click the drive and select properties.

Under the region tab, make sure the region for that disk, (back of the box) is in the current region box. If not select your country, check the details and apply. (Could effect the play of other DVDs you have, you can only do this so many times).

Alternatively, open the files on the disk, go to the folder like videos. Select a file, and right click. Choose open with and use a different player. (May need to try a few of the files to get the one that will play the whole movie.)

thanks but it still didnt work! Im in USA so region one and star wars was made in USA so it shouldve worked. Should i try d/l anothe dvd playing program or any codecs?

I would certainly give it a go. As I said, you need to open the folders on the disk, go to the video folder and try a few different files, selecting open with, and in my case I would choose Media player 10. I never watch DVDs in anything but.

i found one that plays the whole dvd , but it only plays sound! I think i need to download a codec or plugin or something, i just dont know what.

Probably copy protection codes on the disc, considering the source of the disc.