Under Vista, I try to install a Lexmark x2600, but am prompted to click OK to uninstall old software. It had been working before, but suddenly stopped. The owner says she uninstalled the printer and all software, which I verified. I also deleted any lexmark folders, registry keys,and services (why they were still there.. who knows). The spooler has no lexmark dependencies... STILL, every time I run the driver/software installer, it prompts me to allow old software to be removed and restart! I disabled McAfee thinking that it may be blocking the system changes... no luck. I looked through the Lexmark website, but could not find anything like it. They offer no lexmark removal tools that I could find...

Any Ideas?

first thing that come to my mind is to check services for a lexmark service stil running

I gave up trying to run the lexmark package. I just plugged in the printer, let windows discover it, selected "have disk" in the wizard, and pointed to the downloaded driver folder.

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