Hi everybody, Please help with my problem.

I'm making a folder filled with shortcuts to the sites i visit daily and would like to just select all of the shortcuts and press enter. This method opens the shortcuts in a new window for each of them.

That saves to me a heap of time

It works just fine in Windows 98 but won't work in Win2000 and WinXP
After I select all of the shortcuts and press "enter" WinXP opens only 1 window and no way to open all of them at the same time.

Win XP SP1 - fresh install with disabled firewall and pop-up blockers,
no Yahoo toolbar, etc...
"Reuse windows for launching shortcuts" - unchecked.

Who knows how to fix it?

Thank you.

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The quickest and best way to fix the problem you have is to cease using Internet Explorer and install a tab-based browser instead. Firefox or Mozilla allow you to have different pages open in Window tabs, to save all tabs as a group, and to open groups of tabs with a single click. Internet explorer will NOT do what you ask.

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