I want to create a DVD from .avi files. I already converted them into DVD format suitable for DVD-players and burn them onto disk, but the data is recorded only as sequence without menu, that's inconvenient.
I need a tool to create subtitles so that it will be easy to browse contents of my DVD. That means each video track should appear as separate subtitle to be quickly jumped to. The program I use (Nero) does not seem to have such possibility.
What can you recommend me?

I use Nero for exactly what you described and it work perfect. check you version of nero and upgrade if necessary.

You mean create a DVD menu, not subtitle.
General DVD burner tools have this function.
You can find any one on the web.
Moreover, here provides rich DVD tools.
They help you split video into chapters and make DVD menu.
Have a try.

my old nero doesn't have option to create a menu.
oA9999 - I installed Xilisoft and it does the job but surprisingly it mutes an audio in process. Then I downloaded and installed another program, Joboshare DVD Creator, and have the same problem. Why?
o.k i raised your reputation.

don't know why i'm getting videos with audio tracks lost during the creation of dvd-menu.