Hey guys,

Whenever I load up Eclipse it is really slow when I start type code.

This is what happens, I'll load up eclipse, and when I make a new Java Project, it takes about 30 seconds to create it.

When I want to start righting code, it freeze on the screen but logs everything I do.

I once wrote an entire method, while the screen was frozen and 1-2 minutes later, it appeared on the screen.

I've tried Netbeans but that even slow, I am just looking to do some Java Programming at my house instead of going to school every time.

Here's my computer stats(which I also attached):


Can the computer just not handle Eclipse or NetBeans? If so are their any lite alternative, I mainly want to practice on my Gui/Android/Parsing Programming.

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get a better processor, a dual core with everything else same should be sufficient.

You can also get Quad Core (AMD, Intel is going to burn a big hole in your pocket). AMD Quad Core gives good performance and is cheaper than Intel.

But Note: Windows XP uses only one core, so use Windows 7 with dual/quad core.

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