We have a Windows Server 2003 Ent Ed SP2 and unable to FTP using both Windows FTP and Ipswitch WS_FTP Pro for any account EXCEPT one specific domain admin account.

The error received is:
ftp: connect :Connection timed out

I have tried various accounts all of which are members of the local administrator group on the server. I have tried my own account which is a member of the domain admins group. I have copied the windows profile of the working domain admin account to my windows profile. And so far have been unsuccessful.

The FTP site is accessible from other workstations and servers.

To confuse things further FTP was working for a domain account which was also a member of the Local Admin group on the server up until yesterday. Yet no changes were made to the server!

Any help and advice would be much appreciated.

This is not a permission problem but a firewall network issue. Try and diagnose a network problem and not a user problem. Try to port scan 21 and make sure you can access the ftp it may be a firewall issue on the other computers

Thanks for your feedback - I appreciate any advice and will look into your suggestion.

My thoughts....
Surely if this was a firewall issue FTP wouldn't work for any logged on accounts?
The firewall is not turned on on the server. It can't be other firewalls as we can FTP to the same site from different PCs and servers.