I'm using a Dell studio 1555 laptop... I have gotten myself into trouble here...

I activated and unhide the real vista 'Administrator' account using the command 'net user administrator /active:yes' in cmd and i put password to it. All was good till this point.

Then for some reason I made the Administrator account disappear from the vista welcome/login page using 'regedit' and creating new keys namely SpecialAccounts and UserList and putting a Dword value of '0' to the Administrator account. It did serve my purpose but I ended up with a big problem... Now I cant access my Administrator account (cltr+Alt+Del doesnt work) and cant install anything using my other user accounts (all standard ones) because UAC asks for administrator password but doesnt show the field to enter any password (because Administrator is hidden).

I've tried everything i can think of to undo the disaster. I cant open 'regedit' anymore and cant open cmd or netplwiz either as Administrator to make any changes. A friend advised to do this in safe mode but no luck yet.

I dont know what to do now. Please help somebody. If somehow I could access/login to my hidded Administrator account using something like cltr alt del at startup i think i cud fix it up.


reboot the PC.
press f8 to get into safe mode.
select safemode with command prompt
log in as anyone you can.
in the command line go
net user Administrator *
Type a password (I suggest a blank one, just hit 'enter')
Type it again ('enter')
reboot and try again, admin should now have a blank password

learn you to play with it, huh...

If that does not work, then do a system restore. that will fix the registry. If not, you will have to edit the registry remotely. let me know and I will walk you through it...

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