I have an old Compaq PIII desktop with MEPIS Linux installed on the original Seagate 9G HD. I've installed a Hitachi 500G HD as slave. The new HD is recognized by the BIOS, and I've performed tests showing it's functional. Utilities within MEPIS Linux recognizes the new drive, but it doesn't show up on the file system consoles. I've used GParteD to create a DOS file system on the new drive.

I want to install Windows 7 on the new drive. My machine won't boot from USB, has only a CDRom drive which can't use the DVD I burned (*.iso) to install the OS. I have a bootable USB 16G thurmb drive with *.iso burned, but I can't figure out how to run it from any terminal or program under Linux. I also can't find the thumbdrive on the file system under Linux.

My question:

How do I install the program on the second (slave) drive and make it bootable? I'll need comprehensive instructions, for I'm not versed well with the Linux OS>



I have an old Compaq PIII desktop,I want to install Windows 7

wasting you time in my opinion ,also i see no way excpt installing a dvd rom