I have a Dell 733 p3 384 ram os windows nt2000, I did an update the other day and rebooted it and now its in a boot loop, I have tried what other had posted before about boot loops but I still won't get past the splash screen. I have even disconnected key boards, mouse, printer, usb cables,it won't even boot to disc. I have even put the HD in another unit and still same problem. How do I get it to it to boot all the way up? I would just put in another hd but it has a lot of info I need on it, I back up on a reg base but this one snuck up on me. Should I try and put in another hd in and see if I can pull off the info I need or is there a better way?

for a start, Rob, get into CMOS and disallow the auto-restart on failure option, and then you may get some error codes. Post em. Splash screen - by this you mean the Windows loading screen? Then try booting into safe mode - it loads fewer services - and run chkdsk /p from the run box, and chkdsk /r if it comes up with errors.
If it will not do even that step, then pulling the drive is Step 2. Unplug and replug the IDE/SATA cable to your HD at both ends [with power off and unplugged, naturally]. Cable contacts can let you down...
Come back with what you find.

Thanks I'll give that a shot.