Can any one find the website of downloading hp pavilion 522n sound drivers for me plz? i have went to many sites with no results.. Thnx

Sounds like your PC BIOS has not been told that it is allowed to boot from CD. Restart the PC and on the BIOS startup screen invoke the "setup" action - often by pressing DEL or F2 or something similar. You will have to be quick! Find the Boot order screen and check that the CD drive is listed before the hard disk.

I also face the same problem and the problem cannot be resolved by the method given above

hi i am santhosh i need one help from u guys that i have installed first server2003
then after i installed the xp now server2003 its not showing is there any solution
that my both os should work

hi i wont download the windows drivers because i am not able to format my laptop with xp are windows server 2003 get back to me how to download

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