It's time I sought some assistance from the more technically minded of you. I have a small (big?) problem I'm trying to resolve. The situation is this:

For Windows 98, the system can be backed up, using MSBackup, and restored by using PCRESTOR.BAT, which resides in the TOOLS folder on the CD, and performs an automated minimal installation which then prompts for the backup file you wish to restore. A fully configured system can be restored quickly and easily using the tools.

With the release of Windows Me, Microsoft omitted the 'Resource Kit' from the package. They, of course, wanted business users to use Windows 2000 instead.

The process outlined above simply uses Windows setup with a number of 'switches' which automate the task. It also uses a file called 'msbatch.inf' which sets up some general user settings within that minimal Windows installation.

Is it possible to edit the files, 'PCRESTOR.BAT' and 'msbatch.inf', so that the process will work with Windows Me? The switches work for both Windows versions. Will the procedure work as well, if it's suitably tailored?

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unlikely that you'll be able to editv these as they are system files and are most likely to be read only. do you have a win me disk? might be worth looking inside that in win explorer and seeing if theres anything with those file names listed in the restore folder or the tools folder. i cant promise anything cos i dont know for sure as im running an oem version of xp with built in system restore

Thanks for the interest and concern, Janine :)

Those are actually text files, which can be edited quite easily, or created anew with Notepad. It's the appropriate changes which I'm trying to determine.

no probs, we've both learnt something new

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