I recently bought a new PC running Windows XP Home edition. The first time I switched it on, Windows started fine and I was able to customise the user account as requested and then use the desktop icons to play DVDs and install my monitor driver.

The next time I booted the machine (about a week later), Windows was again fine and I tried to install Norton SystemWorks. The installation hanged.

Since then, whenever I try to use the machine, it manages to get to the desktop but although the mouse responds and I can click on the desktop icons, applications will not open. When I move the mouse over the Sart button or taskbar, it changes into an egg timer but nothing more happens no matter how long I wait.

I have tried opening the Task Manager to see if something is not responding but can not get this to open either.

The problem also stops me from being able to shut down properly (using Start/Turn Off Computer) so I am left to switch off using the power button or at the mains.
After doing this, the next time I switch the machine on, the same problems as before occur but I have noticed I do not get the screen telling me that Windows was previously
not shut down properly.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Have you tried running "checkdisk" ? In My Computer, right click on your system hard drive and choose Properties. Go to the Tools tab and click Check Now... for Error-checking.

If this is a new computer, unfortunately it may have been shipped with a bad component. What company did you purchase the computer from? They may have supplied a diagnostic tool which will do a check of all the hardware and conclude whether it is a hardware or software issue.

It sounds to me, especially being a new computer, that it could be any of the following:
bad RAM
bad motherboard
bad disk image

Of course, computer manufacturers will install an OS and all their software on one machine, and then image/clone it to all of the machiens they send out. It may just be a bad image on your computer which could easily be solved by using system recovery tools that most likely came bundled with your computer.

Another thing to try is to upgrade your video card drivers.

Thanks for replying so quickly.

Unfortunately, I am unable to open any application. My mouse seems to respond but when I click on any icon, nothing happens. So I can't even access My Computer.

The PC is a Medion PC and was supplied with Windows XP Home edition preloaded.

The manual provides instructions for 'restoring the factory settings' using a supplied application/support disk. It apparantly offers 3 possibilities:
1. Rebuild start files
2. Rebuild system and driver files
3. Return to shipping status

The manual warns that all data on the C drive will be erased and states that the recovery will reset the system to its condition at delivery.

However, the system was also supplied with software preinstalled and I do not have the installation CDs for this. Would running the restoration program delete these applications too or would they be ok as they were preinstalled and therefore present on the sytem at the time of delivery?

I am unsure if I would be able to get the CD to run as nothing at all works anyway!

A restor looses all software ! did you try safe mode and removing the notorious piece of junk from nortons call system works .to get to safe mode hit the f8 key on bootup and go to add/remove programs in control panel and uninstall nortons

I would try doing Return to Shipping Status. Most likely this would restore software that came preinstalled as well. However, I cannot say so for sure because I have never heard of Medion PCs so I don't know what type of reputation they have. At least a working operating system is better than nothing however! Have you tried calling their customer support department?

i bought a Medion PC from Aldi, on the face of it, it sounded like a real good idea, gret value for money 850 for a Titanium 8000XL Whoopie Doo!

it's spent most of it's life as useful as a door wedge since december the 1st 2003 it has been broken for more weeks than it has worked.

Medion offer 3 year on-site - only good if you can get the buggers to come out to it, at this rate it will take the 3 years to get it fixed :(

anyone got any good advice on purchasing it's replacement please?


Off Topic, Dani you are beautiful i hope your boyfriend appreciates you :D

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