I have four hard drives in my computer; 2 by sata and 2 by ide. The two that are attached by ide are connected using an ide card. However, once I upgraded from Vista to Windows 7, my computer is suddenly unable to find the two hard drives. I think I may need a driver to get the ide card working, but I have no idea.... Can anyone help me?

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What IDE controller? When you look @ the device manager does any of the items have a yellow excalaimation or a description of unknown?
If there is nothing wrong in the device manager then you need to goto disk manager and just add a mountpoint (i.e. E:, F:, etc...)
To get to the Disk Manager: In the search box type diskmgmt.msc, typing the command then the file will appear in the box, just click the file to open the tool.


You might have to go to the manufacturers website of the IDE card and obtain the IDE Controller drivers from them.

But what I suggest is to use the SATA cable instead of IDE since you've windows 7... That will work better and more faster... There are many compatibility issues with IDE on windows 7...

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