New to the group... hope I don't violate protocol.

New HP Pavillion Elite Desktop with Vista. Charter Cable. Linksys router to four outlets. Internet connects perfectly with old Dell laptop. New HP will not connect (same cable, same outlet). Sent back to HP once. Repaired ...same story. Still no connection. Cable input into back of machine ok, yellow flashing light and green amber. I have no confidence that the machine will work when it is "repaired" once again.

Any suggestions?

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Have you tried any of the network repair tools?

Can you perhaps post an IPCONFIG /ALL results display?


Yes, I've tried the repair tools and been online with HP reps for hours. Nothing seems to work. I've also tried the IP config command and eveything seems normal. I'm not at my machine just now but I will recheck when I get home later.

Thanks for the reply!


I look forward to the IPCONFIG report. Also have you checked the network properties as in:
Control Panel/Network Connections/Local Area Connection

All the tick box items should be checked in the Networking Pane.

For the networking Card, Flow Control should be enabled and Speed & Duplex should be set to Auto Negotiation.

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