Hi. I'm running on Win XP SP3 and have been using IE8 as default browser.

In the last 4 months my system has intermittently blue screened (memory dump) with no discernible error code when starting IE8. I upgraded my memory about this time.

This was a minor inconvenience, I had not installed any other new hardware. I reseated all hardware and memory and the problem would "go away." It seemed that reseating the memory was the key.

In the last five days the system has started blue screening every time I start IE8. It does not blue screen with any other application. I have switched to using Google Chrome which works perfectly.

Even reseating the memory or any other hardware does not fix the problem.

I have tried re-installing IE8 but the problem persists

The only reason I want to fix IE8 is because I need it for specific functions.

Thank you in advance for any advice.

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try removing the new ram and run IE. if blue screen still pops up try doing a clean install of windows

try removing the new ram and run IE. if blue screen still pops up try doing a clean install of windows

I have installed new memory and the same thing happens.

I was hoping to avoid such a basic process as having to clean install, does anyone else have any ideas/experience?


Try disabling add-ons in IE8 and see if it might be just incompatible software.

Go to Control Panel > Internet Options > Programs (tab); click on the Manage add-ons button. I would disable all initially and see if you can get the browser to launch reliably. If this works, then gradually re-enable the add-ons beginning with Microsoft's, test more and continue. Any add-ons you have no use for I would just leave disabled.

First up, you say "with no discernible error code when starting IE8." Have you checked the event log to check for problems there?http://support.microsoft.com/kb/308427

You could also try disabling all programs in "msconfig" and see if it still happens, if not, enable programs until you find the one/s causing the conflict. (Start, run, "type" msconfig, OK, startup tab, disable all, Ok, restart)

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