Hello All, I have a huge problem. For no apparent reason my PC crashed with the dreaded BSOD. My problem is i cannot get into windows to at least back up my files before restoring my PC.

Any suggestions?. Retrieving some data from the hard drive is vital as i have very important project files stored.


Thank You

What is the error code, and when does it happen?

If it is happening at startup (and you are stuck in a restart loop, tap F8 while it reboots and it shold stop at the BSOD so you can read it.

If you have more than one RAM module, you can remove one and try to boot. Got BSOD? exchange the ram modules and try again.

There are several possibilities for your BSOD but most likely it is a hard drive problem. I suggest that you download UBCD (link in my signature) make a CD and boot your machine from that and do any repairs, checking for errors on your hard drive, checking for viruses, etc.