Hi All
When turning on my PC, computer starts, windows XP logo appears then message that it cannot start properly due to upgrade. It gives options including start in safe mode, start in most recent config and start windows normally. Keyboard will not work so timer on screen counts down to 0 then computer restarts and same process commences.

I went into BIOS, selected boot from CD-ROM and new prompt appeared, hit any key to boot from CD-Rom. Hit a key, and same screen appeared as detailed above. The CD driver would not start.

So, have come unstuck! Feel like i am in the twilight zone destined never to get out of the XP loop! ANY IDEAS???


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I take it you're using a USB keyboard...I would suggest get an old school PS/2 keyboard, sometime the BIOS won't allow for support of USB devices


Thank you for taking the time to post a reply - your hunch was right, I am using a USB keyboard so I will source an old style one and give that a go.

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Hmmm...as far as why windows can't start because of an upgrade...was there anything installed (SP2, automatic updates, a new program) right before it happened?

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